United People’s Party

Aims and Objectives

  1. To honour and uphold the Constitution of Malaysia and to safeguard and defend the independence and sovereignty of Malaysia
  2. To strive for a fair, just, equal and equitable Malaysian Society for all people irrespective of race or religion.
  3. To uphold and safeguard the system of parliamentary and democratic government on multi-racial basis.
  4. To promote and ensure the economic and cultural advancement of all communities and, in particular, to improve the economic condition of the under-privileged.
  5. To maintain, foster and promote goodwill and harmony among Malaysian citizens of various races so as to ensure the progress and growth of our nation.
  6. To promote and safeguard the interests of Sarawak within Malaysia.
  7. To promote efficiency in the civil and other services.
  8. To encourage and promote respect and tolerance for the religious life of all communities.
  9. To work and promote a high standard of living for all Malaysians.
  10. To uphold Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language and, at the same time, to preserve and sustain the use and study of the Chinese, Tamil, English and other languages of all Malaysian Communities.
  11. To promote and maintain social justice, economic security, a high quality of education and equal opportunities for every Malaysian citizen.
  12. To co-operate with other political organizations with similar aims and objectives in joint political activities.